Terror at Toshimaen

Where Tokyo's evil entities gather

Yannick Vairon   - 1分钟阅读时间

If you're looking for some fun activities in Tokyo, Toshimaen is an amusement park located at Toshimaen Station, on the Toei Ōedo Line (E-36) and Seibu Toshima Line (SI-39). The park counts numerous attractions, from roller coasters to a water park, ideal in the summer. Toshimaen is also home to a mysterious, horrifying place... The haunted house, located in a remote corner of the park, far from all the laughs and cries of joy, is a dreadful place where only the bravest ones dare enter - with no guarantee of leaving in one piece... Will you have the courage to challenge the evil entities of the house?

3, 2, 1, Boo!



Yannick Vairon

Yannick Vairon @yannick.vairon