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在东京铁塔附近的一个小公园里,你可以尽情地散步、放松心情。之后可以去吃个美味的可丽饼, 还可以跟铁塔的吉祥物一起拍照。进入了铁塔之后,你可以找到一间存放着关于铁塔构造的图片和纪录片的展室。从顶部的观景台,你可以360度全方位眺望这个城市。你还可以买一个刻有自己名字和游览日期的纪念章来纪念这次的东京铁塔之旅。


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Lu Wang

Lu Wang

I have grown up in Guangzhou, a city in southern China.I am an atheist. Mother Nature is the only God to me. At 18 I got an opportunity to study abroad in Tokyo, Japan.That was also my first time to set foot on the world outside my comfort zone. I have fallen in love with Japan since then. I enjo...