Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture: Life in the Countryside

A day exploring small Japanese town

Micaela Braithwaite   - 1分钟阅读时间

I'm currently in the small town of Aya (population 7,000) in Miyazaki Prefecture on a temporary work placement. Follow my journey as I try my best to adjust to a different pace, culture, and people here in Southern Kyushu, Japan.

In this video, I have licensed "drone-girl" Sasaki Momoko (AKA Sasamomo) visiting from Tokyo. She shows me how to fly a drone (I flew the Mavic and loved it!) and then we took on some on some of the popular landmarks in the area.

After that, the weather started to turn (and you can't fly drones in the rain) so we decided to take a walk through downtown Aya, and check out some of the Hina Matsuri displays around town.

At night we ate wild boar nabe (hot pot) and it was delicious!

Micaela Braithwaite

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