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Photo: Auttapon Nunti /
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Kushiro, Hokkaido, is home to Kushiro Airport. International charter flights to and from this airport have operated for more than 20 years but the airport’s primary design was intended for domestic flights. Located only 17 kilometers from Kushiro City, travel to and from the airport to the city center takes only 25 minutes. Transportation is primarily by bus although taxis will also ferry visitors to their destinations.

Visitors to the area will find themselves in a location rich with resplendent natural vistas. Nature is the name of the game in areas surrounding Kushiro. Visit Lake Akan, a scenic freshwater crater lake surrounded by lush forest, and take a cruise on its waters to see the famous marimo balls that grow at the bottom of the lake.

Likewise, Akan-Mashu National Park offers pristine natural wonderland views of crystal-clear lakes that reflect the clouds, hot springs that soothe away the pain, and air that will rejuvenate and refresh.

Spectators to the Kushiro Marsh Observatory will be afforded sights of an almost otherworldly and haunting view as low-lying clouds rise from the marsh. Summertime is the season to visit, as you can explore the surrounding wetlands for a closer look at Kushiro’s diverse flora and fauna.

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